There are occasions in life when emotional duress or distressing events appear to have no end in sight. This can be due to particular circumstances such as; a bereavement, a trauma, past or present unsatisfactory relationships or in more recent times, the unprecedented manner in how the world has changed. Sometimes however, we may have no idea of what is making us feel the way we do and how to account for unexplained changes in our mood or behaviour. What we are acutely aware of is, life has become uncomfortable, puzzling and at times almost intolerable. When life has you by the ‘throat’ and you’re feeling increasingly wayward, unsure of what to do and or where to turn, it’s wise to ‘seek assistance before taking in too much water’.

"You wouldn’t ignore you physical health, don’t ignore mental health."



If after browsing you are left with any queries surrounding either myself or your own mental health or are feeling confused about; (a) the Psychological Therapies and the practices of counselling and psychotherapy (b) the practitioners who offer these services and differences between counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists or (c) various methods of practice such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Existential Therapy, Analytic Therapy ... (etc) I welcome contact for information or otherwise.


Cork City

South Terrace Medical Centre is where I hold a clinic of a Wednesday. I work from the suites of the Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Bobby Burns for whom I am an auxiliary referral source as well as several GPs in Cork City and County.


Paulstown, Co. Kilkenny is where my own dedicated rooms are located. Appointments are typically of a Monday, Tuesday and Friday. The office is approximately 20 minutes from Carlow or 20 minutes from Kilkenny. The location is discreet and especially suited to the process (R95 DT63).


Mitchelstowns Livinghealth Clinic is where I hold sessions of a Thursday (P67 T263). I am the onsite Primary Care Psychologist for local GPs in addition to taking referrals from GPs in the surrounding area.


059 9726855

Please leave a voice mail if I am in session.